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 ====== Jackdaw Skillplans ====== ====== Jackdaw Skillplans ======
 +<col sm="​6">​
 +{{ https://​imageserver.eveonline.com/​Render/​34828_128.png }}
 +<TEXT align="​center">​
-{{INLINETOC:​width18 2-3}}+The Jackdaw is a Caldari T3 Tactical Destroyer.  
- +<col sm="​6">​ 
-===== Jackdaw ​Required =====+<​accordion>​ 
 +<panel type="​default"​ title="Jackdaw ​Minimum"​ subtitle="">​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 Caldari Destroyer V Caldari Destroyer V
 Caldari Tactical Destroyer IV Caldari Tactical Destroyer IV
Line 33: Line 46:
 Target Navigation Prediction III Target Navigation Prediction III
 Warhead Upgrades IV Warhead Upgrades IV
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-===== Jackdaw Recommended =====+</​accordion>​
-Light Missile Specialization IV + 
-Basically everything else above to IV or V +</grid>
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