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 <​caption>​ <​caption>​
 <TEXT align="​center">​ <TEXT align="​center">​
-**[[member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​alpha_fleet#​huginn|Alpha Fleet Huginn]]**+**[[member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​ships:huginn|Huginn]]**
 The Huginn is a Minmatar T2 Recon Ship.  The Huginn is a Minmatar T2 Recon Ship. 
-Huginns ​are used within the Ferox Fleet, Alpha Fleet, and Candy 'Canes doctrines+Huginns ​get special bonuses to webbing, making them one of the most commonly ​used support ships on stratops.
 </​TEXT>​ </​TEXT>​
 </​caption>​ </​caption>​
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