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-====== Harpy Skillplans ====== 
-<col sm="​6">​ 
-{{ https://​imageserver.eveonline.com/​Render/​11381_128.png }} 
-<TEXT align="​center">​ 
-**[[:​member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​harpys|Harpy Fleet]]** 
-The Harpy is a Caldari T2 Assault Frigate. ​ 
-Harpies are the mainline DPS Ship in the Harpy Fleet Doctrine, and are widely used as tackle ships across most other doctrines. ​ 
-<col sm="​6">​ 
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​Harpy Minimum"​ subtitle="​Total time: 58 days, 10 hours, 34 minutes, 28 seconds">​ 
-<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://​drive.google.com/​file/​d/​0B3bjznEB4aWiY3lKWFRXZngtQVU/​view|Harpy Minimum EveMon File]] </​btn>​ 
-Caldari Frigate IV 
-CPU Management V 
-Power Grid Management V 
-Mechanics V 
-Energy Grid Upgrades IV 
-Small Hybrid Turret IV 
-Jury Rigging I 
-Jury Rigging II 
-Jury Rigging III 
-Hybrid Weapon Rigging I 
-Hybrid Weapon Rigging II 
-Small Hybrid Turret V 
-Small Railgun Specialization I 
-Small Railgun Specialization II 
-Weapon Upgrades V 
-Advanced Weapon Upgrades I 
-Advanced Weapon Upgrades II 
-Advanced Weapon Upgrades III 
-Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV 
-Caldari Frigate V 
-Assault Frigates I 
-Assault Frigates II 
-Assault Frigates III 
-Assault Frigates IV 
-Surgical Strike III 
-Sharpshooter IV 
-Rapid Firing IV 
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