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 ====== Guardian Skillplans ====== ====== Guardian Skillplans ======
-<​col ​sm="​6">​+<​grid>​ 
 +<​col ​md="​6">​
 <​thumbnail>​ <​thumbnail>​
-{{ https://imageserver.eveonline.com/Render/11987_128.png }}+<image shape="​rounded">​ 
 +{{ https://images.evetech.net/types/11987/​render?​size=128&​.png?​100px ​}} 
 <​caption>​ <​caption>​
 <TEXT align="​center">​ <TEXT align="​center">​
-**[[:​member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​fireflies#guardian|Fireflies ​Guardian]]**+**[[:​member:​alliance:​military:​doctrines:​ships:guardian| Guardian ]]**
-The Guardian is an Amarr T2 Logistics Cruiser. ​+The Guardian is an Amarr T2 Logistics Cruiser.
-The Fireflies Doctrine is no longer is use.+Logistics Cruisers are used as the primary logistics ships for a wide variety of stratop doctrines.
 </​TEXT>​ </​TEXT>​
 </​caption>​ </​caption>​
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 </​col>​ </​col>​
-<​col ​sm="​6">​+<​col ​md="​6">​ 
 +<callout type="​warning"​ title="​Skillplan Core Requirement">​ 
 +**To begin training, you must have up to and including the [[/​public/​alliance/​military/​skillplans/#​established_pilots|Established Skillplan Core]] completed.** 
 <​accordion>​ <​accordion>​
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​Guardian Minimum"​ subtitle="​Total time: 101 days, hours, ​16 minutes, ​22 seconds">​ +<panel type="​default"​ title="​Guardian Minimum"​ subtitle="​41 days, 12 hours, ​33 minutes, ​29 seconds">​ 
-<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​[[https://​drive.google.com/file/d/​0B3bjznEB4aWiY3lKWFRXZngtQVU/​view|Guardian Minimum EveMon File]]</​btn>​+<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniZdXFHO3iFFt0h9gGQ?​e=8M5XOj|Guardian Minimum EveMon File]] </​btn>​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Hull Upgrades V +Radar Sensor Compensation ​
-Repair Systems II +Radar Sensor Compensation ​II 
-Remote Armor Repair Systems ​+Radar Sensor Compensation ​III 
-Remote Armor Repair Systems ​II +Radar Sensor Compensation ​IV
-Remote Armor Repair Systems ​III +
-Remote Armor Repair Systems ​IV +
-Capacitor Emission Systems I +
-Capacitor Emission Systems II +
-Capacitor Emission Systems III +
-Capacitor Emission Systems IV +
-Repair Systems III +
-Repair Systems IV +
-Armor Layering I +
-Armor Layering II +
-Armor Layering III +
-Power Grid Management V +
-CPU Management V+
 Amarr Destroyer I Amarr Destroyer I
 Amarr Destroyer II Amarr Destroyer II
Line 46: Line 42:
 Amarr Cruiser II Amarr Cruiser II
 Amarr Cruiser III Amarr Cruiser III
-Capacitor Management ​IV +Amarr Cruiser ​IV 
-Signature Analysis IV +Amarr Cruiser V 
-Long Range Targeting III +Logistics Cruisers I 
-Long Range Targeting IV +Logistics Cruisers II 
-Afterburner IV +Logistics Cruisers III 
-Evasive Maneuvering ​IV +Logistics Cruisers ​IV 
-Target Management IV +Repair Drone Operation ​
-EM Armor Compensation ​+Repair Drone Operation ​II 
-EM Armor Compensation ​II +Repair Drone Operation ​III 
-EM Armor Compensation ​III +Repair Drone Operation IV 
-Explosive Armor Compensation I + 
-Explosive Armor Compensation II +</​code>​ 
-Explosive Armor Compensation III +</​panel>​ 
-Kinetic Armor Compensation I + 
-Kinetic Armor Compensation II +</​accordion><​accordion>​ 
-Kinetic Armor Compensation III + 
-Thermal Armor Compensation I +<panel type="​default"​ title="​Guardian Recommended"​ subtitle="​87 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes, 40 seconds">​ 
-Thermal Armor Compensation II +<btn type="​default"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ [[https://​1drv.ms/​u/​s!Ahqsj3YZM6wniZdWtx645ytJGUmyCQ?​e=f9n9XY|Guardian Recommended EveMon File]] </​btn>​ 
-Thermal Armor Compensation III+ 
 Radar Sensor Compensation I Radar Sensor Compensation I
 Radar Sensor Compensation II Radar Sensor Compensation II
 Radar Sensor Compensation III Radar Sensor Compensation III
-Jury Rigging I +Radar Sensor Compensation IV 
-Jury Rigging II +Remote Hull Repair Systems IV 
-Jury Rigging III +Amarr Destroyer ​
-Armor Rigging I +Amarr Destroyer ​II 
-Armor Rigging II +Amarr Destroyer ​III 
-Armor Rigging III +Amarr Cruiser ​
-Mechanics V +Amarr Cruiser ​II 
-Nanite Operation ​+Amarr Cruiser ​III
-Nanite Operation ​II +
-Nanite Operation ​III +
-Nanite Interfacing ​+
-Nanite Interfacing ​II +
-Nanite Interfacing ​III+
 Amarr Cruiser IV Amarr Cruiser IV
 Amarr Cruiser V Amarr Cruiser V
-Signature Analysis V 
-Long Range Targeting V 
 Logistics Cruisers I Logistics Cruisers I
 Logistics Cruisers II Logistics Cruisers II
 Logistics Cruisers III Logistics Cruisers III
 Logistics Cruisers IV Logistics Cruisers IV
-Drones ​+Logistics Cruisers ​
-Electronic Warfare IV +Repair ​Drone Operation ​
-Advanced ​Drone Avionics ​+Repair ​Drone Operation ​II 
-Advanced ​Drone Avionics ​II +Repair ​Drone Operation ​III 
-Advanced ​Drone Avionics ​III+Repair Drone Operation IV 
 +Repair Drone Operation V
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 </​grid>​ </​grid>​
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