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 ====== Basilisk Skillplans ====== ====== Basilisk Skillplans ======
-<col sm="6">+<grid> 
 +<col md="6">
 <thumbnail> <thumbnail>
-{{ }}+<image shape="rounded"> 
 +{{ }} 
 <caption> <caption>
 <TEXT align="center"> <TEXT align="center">
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 The Basilisk is a Caldari T2 Logistics Cruiser.  The Basilisk is a Caldari T2 Logistics Cruiser. 
 +Logistics Cruisers used as the primary logistics ships for a wide variety of stratop doctrines, including Muninns, HFI Fleet, Machariels, and Feroxes.
 </TEXT> </TEXT>
 </caption> </caption>
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 </col> </col>
-<col sm="6">+<col md="6">
 <callout type="warning" title="Skillplan Core Requirement"> <callout type="warning" title="Skillplan Core Requirement">
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