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  • caps
  • supers
  • titans
  • t2 - subcaps + fits
  • citadels
  • fits - citadel, capital

Delivery Locations

All legacy space for caps, primarily impass area.

Name Position Contact
Yondu Quill Solobuilder Slack: @Yondu Quill

Slack Channel: PMs

1. Contact Yondu Quill on slack/discord to get price and availability.

2. Await delivery of your item and fulfill payment. Deposit may be asked from a newer member.

2a. Any member can order citadel - athanor, tatara, raitaru. Aliance only level citadels - azbel, sotiyo, fortizar, keepstar - (you must be leadership for ordering these or have aproval from one)

2b. Faction capital, super and titan orders on PM

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