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Hauling and Procurement Services

This page details all the privately operated procurement and hauling services currently operating in the Brave Collective. For alliance operated Jump Freighter hauling see Brave Logistics Freight Calculator.

The key difference between these programs is that with procurement the customer requests the service operator to purchase desired items, and for hauling services the customer already owns them.

Hauling services involve moving goods between market hubs, hisec locations close to our Nullsec space, and our Nullsec systems.

Procurement programs involve a seller procuring one or more items, usually by importing them from High-Sec or a closer location, for a client in a specific location. The procurer usually charges a reasonable markup for the items in question, and may ask for payment on final contract, or on order placement to ensure work isn't gone to waste.

If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, see How to make a service page and tell us in the #wiki-updates channel on Slack.

Sedex Jaeger® - Hauling Service
All Items Jita / Amarr / Mendori / Keberz / Nullsec
Across New Eden - Get your quote!
Crystal Logistics
All Items Amarr / Jita / Catch / Impass / Querious / Delve
Prices Vary See Website
Jolian's Haulage Service
All Items High-Sec
Up to 1,000,000m3 Highsec-only.
Adamus Trump's Hauling
All Items in P-ZMZV only
Up to 355,000 m3.
Tyrannee - Hisec -> null procurement and hauling
All Items GE-8JV / PZMA-E
Price Varies - See Website
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