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-====== Alliance Procurement Services ====== +====== Procurement Programs ====== 
-This page details all the procurement services currently operating in the Brave Collective. +This page details all the publicly and privately operated procurement services currently operated by members of Brave Collective in highsec and nullsec 
 +===== What Are Procurement Programs? =====
-===== What are Procurement Programs? ===== +Procurement programs are services buy items for you in one spot and then deliver them to you in another. They differ from a courier contract in that they do the effort of finding and buying the items for you.
-These are programs that involve a seller procuring one or more items, usually by importing them from High-Sec or closer location, for a client in a specific location. The procurer usually charges a reasonable markup for the items in question, and may ask for payment on final contract, or on order placement to ensure work isn't gone to waste+
-<alert type="warning">Do your research! Not everyone can be trusted in EVE - Before paying for anything in advance ensure they're an approved procurement service, or ask around on Slack.</alert>+<alert type="warning">Do your research! Not everyone can be trusted in EVE.</alert>
-===== Procurement Services =====+===== Private Procurement Services =====
-<fs large>**If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, please tell us in the <fc #627596>#wiki-updates</fc> channel on Slack.**</fs>+<fs large>**If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, see [[:playground:how_to_make_a_service_page]] and tell us in the [[|#wiki-updates]] channel on Slack.**</fs>
 <grid> <grid>
 <col md="3"> <col md="3">
 <thumbnail> <thumbnail>
 <image shape="rounded"> <image shape="rounded">
-[[public:alliance:industry:procurement:sample|{{ }}]]+[[public:alliance:industry:procurement:tyrannee_procurement|{{ }}]]
 </image> </image>
 <caption> <caption>
 <TEXT align="center"> <TEXT align="center">
-**[[public:alliance:industry:procurement:sample|Sample Procurement Program ]]** \\ +**[[public:alliance:industry:procurement:tyrannee_procurement|Tyrannee - Hisec -> Null Procurement]]** \\ 
-<label type="success">All Items < 300k m3</label> <label type="warning">GE-8JV QLPX-J / PZMA-E</label> \\ +<label type="success">All Items</label> <label type="warning">Highsec Querious</label> \\ 
-**105% Jita Sell**+**Price Varies - See Website**
 </TEXT> </TEXT>
 </caption> </caption>
 </thumbnail> </thumbnail>
 </col> </col>
 +<col md="3">
 +<image shape="rounded">
 +[[public:alliance:industry:procurement:okkos-shop|{{ }}]]
 +<TEXT align="center">
 +**[[public:alliance:industry:procurement:okkos-shop]]** \\
 +<label type="success">All Items</label> <label type="warning">P-ZMZV</label> <label type="warning">T5ZI-S</label> <label type="warning">Coalition Staging</label> \\
 +**Jita-based prices - See Website**
 </grid> </grid>
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