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-====== Alliance ​Sales and Procurement Services ====== +====== Alliance Procurement Services ====== 
-TBA+This page details all the procurement services currently operating in the Brave Collective. ​
-===== What are Sales and Procurement Programs? ===== +===== What are Procurement Programs? ===== 
-TBA+These are programs that involve a seller procuring one or more items, usually by importing them from High-Sec or a closer location, for a client in a specific location. The procurer usually charges a reasonable markup for the items in question, and may ask for payment on final contract, or on order placement to ensure work isn't gone to waste. ​
-===== Sales and Procurement Services =====+<alert type="​warning">​Do your research! Not everyone can be trusted in EVE - Before paying for anything in advance ensure they'​re an approved procurement service, or ask around on Slack.</​alert>​
-^ Program ^ Buyback Details ^ Locations ^ Notes ^ +===== Procurement Services ​=====
-| [[http://​www.trinity-x-industries.com/​procurement-service/​|Trinity X Industries ​Procurement ​Office]] | <​TEXT>​**Our Procurement Officers are ready to buy your items for you and ship them to you.**</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​ +
-GE-8 / Mendori +
-</​TEXT>​| ​ [[http://​www.trinity-x-industries.com/​procurement-service/​]] | +
-| [[https://​wiki.bravecollective.com/​public/​dojo/​wiki/​bpcprogram|BPC Program and Services]] | <​TEXT>​*Free BPC Program and other BPC services +
-</​TEXT>​ | <​TEXT>​+
-</TEXT>|  Check Page for more details | +<fs large>​**If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, please tell us in the <fc #​627596>#​wiki-updates</fc> channel on Slack.**</​fs>​ 
-[[https://heginceve.wixsite.com/heginc/​salvage-orders|HEG INC Salvage Orders]] <​TEXT>​**100% base price** Jita Sell on our current ​[[https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc/​salvage-orders|salvage inventory.]] + 
-</TEXT<TEXT> +<​grid>​ 
-Contracts out of GE-8JV+<col md="​3">​ 
-</​TEXT>​| ​ Place your order at https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc/salvage-orders | +<​thumbnail>​ 
-| [[https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc/​invention-material-orders|HEG INC Invention Material Orders]] | <TEXT>**100% base price** Jita Sell on our current inventory of [[https://heginceve.wixsite.com/heginc/​invention-material-orders|datacores and decryptors]]. +<image shape="​rounded"​
-</TEXT<TEXT+[[public:​alliance:​industry:​procurement:​indymart|{{ ​https://i.imgur.com/gYS1NFh.png?​64 }}]] 
-Contracts out of GE-8JV. +</​image>​ 
-</TEXT>|  Place your order at https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc/​invention-material-orders | +<​caption>​ 
-[[https://heginceve.wixsite.com/heginc/​mineral-orders|HEG INC Mineral Orders]] <​TEXT>​**100% base price** Jita Sell on our current inventory of [[https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc/​mineral-orders|all minerals]]. +<​TEXT ​align="​center"​> 
-</TEXT<TEXT> +**[[public:alliance:​industry:​procurement:​indymart|Indymart ​]]** \\ 
-Contracts out of GE-8JV ​or 68FT-6. +<label type="​success">​All Items</label> <label type="​warning"​>GE-8JV / QLPX-PZMA-E</label\\ 
-</​TEXT>​| ​ Place your order at https://​heginceve.wixsite.com/​heginc/mineral-orders | +**Price Varies - See Website** 
-| [[https://thebuyback.space/#/​assets|TheBuyback Asset Initiative]] | <TEXT>All of TheBuyback'​s assets available for you at 100Jita sell. +</TEXT> 
-</​TEXT> ​<TEXT> +</caption>​ 
-Available in 68FT-6 and GE-8JV. +</thumbnail>​ 
-</TEXT>|  Check it out at https://​thebuyback.space/#/​assets | +</col> 
-|Indybro'​s hauling and procurement service | Providing hauling and procurement services from highsec to any area of Brave space including coalition stagings. Rates vary on package and start/end locations. | Highsec to Brave space | Contact Indybro/​Wang Cavin-Guang on Slack to request a quote and place any orders. | + 
-| KOR Industries | 3% fee for refining. Actual reprocessing efficiency ​ depend on structure bonuses | Any Brave citidel. | Join in game channel "KOR Industries"​ or contract to Kitty Auduin| +<col md="​3"​
-| Al Heamer Refining | 2% fee for refining. Actual reprocessing efficiency depends on structure bonuses | Any Brave citidel. ​ | [[https://​forums.bravecollective.com/​viewtopic.php?​f=69&​t=3658 | Forum post with details]] ​ [[https://​docs.google.com/​document/​d/​18-0w1wklzrVg-2Re_pvQyQCTGA-BPtWa1cKA3XFsdx8/​edit | google doc with details]] |+<​thumbnail>​ 
 +<image shape="​rounded"​
 +[[public:​alliance:​industry:​procurement:​stuffersstuff|{{ ​https://i.imgur.com/MPiW1Am.png?​64 }}]] 
 +<​TEXT ​align="​center"​> 
 +**[[public:​alliance:industry:​procurement:​stuffersstuff|Stuffers Stuff]]** \\ 
 +<label type="​success">​All Items</label> <label type="​warning"​>GE-8JV / PZMA-Mendori ​Jita</label\\ 
 +**Only When Pinged 75Rate** 
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