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Market Rules

This article serves to provide an in-depth overview of rules and guidelines for marketeers active in markets in Brave Collective space. This article does not apply to any NPC markets, or markets to which the alliance as a whole does not have access to. If you regularly sell items on the market, either through production, importing, or otherwise, please be familiar with the contents of this page.

Pricing Items

There are no set minimum or maximum price rules for listing items on the market. If you are unsure on what price to set, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • A price that is too high is unfavorable for your fellow alliance pilots
  • A price that is too low price discourages competition and may reduce item availability
  • Consider adding a margin for your own time, to make it worth your while

Relisting Items

Buying out items with a relatively low price, and relisting these items for a higher price is forbidden and could result in removal from the alliance or your corporation.

Critical Items

The alliance requires various items to operate on a day-to-day basis. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Doctrine ships
  • Doctrine fittings
  • Ammunition

To the best of your ability, please ensure that these items are available on the market at an affordable price, in order to facilitate strategic operations.

Doctrine stock item information can be found here.

Allied Markets

Please refrain from abusing nearby friendly market hubs. Markets from other alliances serve similar purposes to ours, and as such please respect this when engaging in market activities there.

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