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 +<alert type="​danger"><​TEXT align="​center">​
 +**This Buyback is Closed**
 +The Buyback has ended it's operations on May 31st 2020. New contracts will no longer be accepted.
 <​well>​ <​well>​
 <​grid>​ <​grid>​
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 <col md="​6">​ <col md="​6">​
 ===== Description and Eligibility ===== ===== Description and Eligibility =====
-Base payout is 90% Jita Buy. 95% Jita Buy for compressed ore. 
 +Buyback ran by Brave members for Brave members. Base rate is 95%+ and we look forward to your business!
 <button type="​primary"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ <button type="​primary"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​
-[[https://​thebuyback.space/|The Buyback ​Site]]+[[https://www.thebuyback.us/|The Buyback ​Website]]
 </​button> ​ \\  ​ </​button> ​ \\  ​
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 </​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​ </​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​
 === Standard Rate === === Standard Rate ===
-**90% Jita Buy**\\ +**95% Jita Buy**\\ 
-**95% Jita Buy for Compressed Ore**+**#​the-buyback in slack with questions** 
 </​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​ </​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​
 === Qualifying Locations === === Qualifying Locations ===
-**Brave Collective citadels in Catch and Impass**+**-GE-8JV ​and PZMA-E**\\ 
 +**-68FT and IRE**\\ 
 +**-Brave ​Impass ​Pocket**\\  
 +(EK-NQ2 Constellation)\\ 
 +**-3-YX2D in Feyth**
 </​panel></​col>​ </​panel></​col>​
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 ===== Instructions ===== ===== Instructions =====
-  - Please copy/paste your list of items into https://​thebuyback.space+  - Visit https://www.thebuyback.usand copy and paste your items from in game to the website. 
-  - Check the value of your items and note the result number at the top +  - In order to copy and paste WITHOUT a 500 error you MUST copy from the default list or details view. The copy and paste from item view will not work as it only has two columns. 
-  - Set the given value as 'I will receive' ​in your contract+  - Click Get Estimate and then Accept ​the offer on the next page which will take you to detailed instructions. 
 +  - ALL contracts are to be made to "**The Buyback**"​ corporation with an orange brave logo. 
 +  - Ensure you put the Order Id in the description field. ​
 </​col>​ </​col>​
 </​grid>​ </​grid>​
 </​well>​ </​well>​
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