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 ===== Instructions ===== ===== Instructions =====
-Full rate available in GE-8JV - Mothership Bellicose ​and PZMA-E Fortress Impass, ​please ​reduce price by 3% for any other Brave owned structure. ​Send contracts to <fc #​627596>​Jolly ​Eginald</​fc>​. +Modules, ammo, OPEs and dog tags can be linked in a single evepraisal at http://​indymart.space/​piratebuyback.php for a quote.  ​Full rate available in GE-8JV - Mothership BellicosePZMA-E Fortress Impass, ​Coalition Staging, and Amarr. ​ Please ​reduce price by 3% for any other Brave owned structure, or 6% for structures owned by Legacy AlliesFor faction ship BPC and CONCORD LP sales, contact ​<fc #627596>@Overseer ​Jolly</​fc> ​on slackSend contracts to <fc #​627596>​Jolly ​Eginald</​fc>​.
-For LP sales, contact ​<fc #627596>@Jolly</​fc> ​on slack. +
- +
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