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 </​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​ </​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​
-=== Qualifying ​Locations === +=== Preferred ​Locations === 
-**GE-8JV, PZMA-E**+**GE-8JV, PZMA-E, V2-VC2**
 </​panel></​col>​ </​panel></​col>​
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 ===== Instructions ===== ===== Instructions =====
-Just put up a contract to <fc #​627596>​Brave Pos Boys</​fc>​ in GE-8JV ​for the Jita sell price.+Just put up a contract to <fc #​627596>​Brave Pos Boys</​fc>​, ideally ​in one of our preferred locations, ​for the Jita sell price.
 </​col>​ </​col>​
 </​grid>​ </​grid>​
 </​well>​ </​well>​
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