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-<col md="​2">​ 
-</​col><​col md="​10">​ 
-====== Blueprint Procurement Corporation ====== 
-<col md="​6">​ 
-===== Description and Eligibility ===== 
-Do you have faction BPCs that you would love to exchange for isk? Do those BPCs currently reside in GE-8JV or PZMA? I have the perfect service for you! The Blueprint Procurement Corporation is now accepting a wide variety of faction BPCs in both GE-8JV and PZMA. 
-As we settle into the market, we plan on expanding our scope to include more BPCs, especially certain ones obtained via exploration. Check back for more. 
-<button type="​primary"​ size="​lg"​ block="​true">​ 
-[[https://​bpcbuyback.com/​|Blueprint Procurement Corporation Buyback Site]] 
-</​button> ​ \\  ​ 
-<col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​ 
-=== Qualifying Items === 
-**Nearly All Faction BPCs** 
-</​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​ 
-=== Standard Rate === 
-**Custom Rate** 
-</​panel></​col><​col md="​4"><​panel type="​primary">​ 
-=== Qualifying Locations === 
-**GE-8JV SOTA Factory and the PZMA-E Keepstar** 
-</​col><​col md="​1"></​col><​col md="​5">​ 
-===== Contact Information ===== 
-^ Name ^ Position ^ Contact ^ 
-| [[user:​whothephuck isthis|whothephuck isthis]] | Buyback Operator | Slack: @Who | 
-**Slack Channel:** <fc #​627596>#​bpc-buyback</​fc>​ 
-===== Instructions ===== 
-  - Use the link [[https://​bpcbuyback.com/​]] to receive your quote. 
-  - Create a contract to <fc #​627596>​Blueprint Procurement Corporation</​fc>​ at the quoted price, copy and paste the quote number into the contract description line. 
-  - Profit. ​ 
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